About Us

We make life EASIER for our clients.

For over 20 years, Reserve Studies Now has been a trusted advisor to the condominium community.

Our reports inform our clients, meeting all legislated requirements, and helps them get over hurdles they may be experiencing.

We take pride in delivering more than the basics – we listen to you and help you with any gaps of understanding that may exist. We’re advisors, not just order takers – there’s a big difference.

A common question we get from Board members is, “The reports sounds good and accurate, but how do I explain this to the unit owners?” We help you with that.

Every answer is different because you, your unit owners and your situation(s) are different.

Whether you are a new or experienced property manager or whether you are a Board member for a residential or commercial condominium, we bring value to you.


Larry Mousseau

Certified Reserve Fund Planner & Valuation Consultant

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