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Reserve Fund Studies in Alberta & B.C.
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Preparing your Condominium for its future financial commitments is our specialty. We do this by connecting with you to make sure that unit owners are protected from special assessments and levies while giving you peace of mind that there will be sufficient funds to meet long term repairs and replacements of Condo common assets.

We can talk about depreciation analysis and financial models, but that’s just jargon. We don’t just take blueprints and develop reports. We listen to you, ask questions to clarify building and site concerns, bring up concerns we may be seeing when we come to the site and so much more.

With over 20 years experience providing RFS to all types of residential and commercial condominiums, we bring experience and know-how to the process. Being an approved provider in all Canadian provinces means that our reports are accepted by lending institutions, insurance companies and more.

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Accepted by the Insurance Industry

Insurance is about protection when you need it most. Our Insurance Valuations provide you with an estimate of the total reconstruction cost for your property in the event of a total loss. Insuring your property to full value is the most important way to protect yourself.

With commercial properties and multi-family unit developments (e.g., Condominiums), this not only includes the material and labour costs of rebuilding the property(ies), but can also include revisions to building codes, bylaws, demolition and removal costs, inflation and taxes, where your building(s) are located and its’ quality of construction.

Our background is providing insurance valuations for insurance companies, brokers and agents as well as property managers and private clients like you. We have an affordable multi-year program in place so that your values are updated annually.

If you are on a Condominium Board, you have a duty to the unit owners to ensure that the Condominium is sufficiently insured each and every time coverage is placed with an insurance company. We use well known insurance industry standards in determining the sufficient amount of your building(s) coverage – avoid purchasing too much or too little coverage and don’t get caught in a claim co-insurance clause catch of needing to specially assess unit owners a percentage of the insurance claim.


A New Requirement Since 2020

The Standard Insurable Unit Description (often referred to as the SIUD) is a description of what the corporation’s insurance will cover, including standard fixtures and finishings without taking into account any upgrades that have been made by the owner. The SIUD should contain information that describes the unit property that the corporation expects its insurer to rebuild or replace following an insurable loss.

The SIUD is a detailed outline of all the finishes and fixtures within a standard unit based on original construction. The purpose of a standard insurable unit description is to provide transparency and clarity for condominium boards and insurers as to what is covered under the corporation’s insurance following an insurable loss.

Your Condominium may have a standard set of components used within all units – this would represent one Unit Class. Sometimes builders may offer different finishes and fixtures for units. A typical apartment unit may be different than a penthouse units in its unit finish and fixtures and the same could happen for a row house or other type of development.

The Reserve Studies Now SIUD will meet ALL the Alberta Government requirements by describing the Unit:

  • Floor coverings, wall coverings and ceiling coverings
  • Electrical lines and fixtures, including lighting fixtures
  • Plumbing lines and fixtures
  • Natural gas lines and fixtures
  • Fixtures with respect to air exchange and temperature control
  • Walls that do not form the unit’s boundaries, and any windows and doors located in those walls
  • Cabinets and counter tops
  • Non-chattel appliances